Seiler Publishing was founded in 2011 by social worker, language enthusiast and entrepreneur Nadine Seiler. Originally from Berlin, Germany, Nadine runs a successful social work practice in London specialising in assessments and interventions in English, German and French.

At Seiler Publishing we aim to become the authoritative reference point for professionals wishing to expand their language and communication skills in the areas of social care, counselling, therapy and international development. Attention to detail, research and relevance to our readers are the cornerstones of our business and underlie all the publications we produce. We are a small company and currently developing our range of products.
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Our team are passionate about customer service and determined to respond to any query quickly and effectively. We welcome feedback in any form and believe in actively engaging with all of our customers. Readers will be able to direct queries and comments to our authors as well as to our contributors.

A Strong Commitment to Others

Seiler Publishing believes that all people should hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others. This is why £1.00 of every product purchase goes to Kiva, a charity that provides safe and affordable loans to the poorest people on five continents. Donations will assist Kiva in developing their network of volunteers and field partners and ensuring that safe and affordable loans are made available to the people who need them most. The loans assist people in creating small businesses and help them make a living for themselves and their families.

For more information please see kiva.org.

Nadine Seiler