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250 Vokabelkarten Französisch - Deutsch
für psychosoziale und pädagogische Arbeitsfelder

1st edition due to be published in October 2013
250 vocabulary cards French - German
ISBN: 978-0-9571582-4-5

£19.90 (approx. €24.90)


The compilation of more than 250 vocabulary cards covers a range of topics that are relevant to professionals in the health & social care sectors. These include the foundations of verbal communication in psychosocial contexts, stages in the intervention process, professional interviewing and counselling skills and managing professional-client relationships. The set of vocabulary cards is ideal for study at home or on travel.


        • contents are presented in a topical order
        • example sentences for all the main terms
        • reflects contemporary French language use as spoken by French native speakers with professional backgrounds in health and social care


        • French communication in psychosocial contexts
        • Stages in the intervention process
        • Professional interviewing and counselling skills
        • Managing the professional-client relationship


will be published on this site as soon as they become available.

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