1COVER-RGB - CopyGesprächsführung auf Englisch meistern

250 Vokabelkarten Englisch - Deutsch
für psychosoziale und pädagogische Arbeitsfelder

1st edition 2012
250 vocabulary cards English - German
Card format: 8.5 x 5.5cm
ISBN: 978-0-9571582-3-8






The compilation of more than 250 vocabulary cards covers a range of topics that are relevant to professionals in the health & social care sectors. These include the foundations of verbal communication in psychosocial contexts, stages in the intervention process, professional interviewing and counselling skills and managing professional-client relationships. The set of vocabulary cards is ideal for study at home or on travel.

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  • Contents are presented in a topical order
  • Example sentences for all the main terms
  • Reflects contemporary English usage as spoken by English native speakers with a professional background in health and social care



  • English communication in psychosocial contexts
  • Stages in the intervention process
  • Professional interviewing and counselling skills



'The terminology is derived from the language commonly used by social care professionals and other practitioners from the helping professions. The phrases are very useful for the day-to-day practice.'
- Wolfgang Dohrmann, Language Guide Author,

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Nadine Seiler