21-11-12-3Creative Tools in Health & Social Care

Miniature Animals

Nadine Seiler
1st edition 2012
Guidebook format: 13.0 x 20.0cm
ISBN: 978-0-9571582-1-4

Set includes 24 animal figurines in a soft cotton bag
and a 75-page full colour guide.





Aimed at social workers, psychologists and psychotherapists, this tool offers a creative way of conducting assessment and therapy sessions with children and adults. The approach helps clients to express themselves and gain new experiences through play and imagination whilst making use of a range of senses including hearing, sight, touch and motion.

The miniature animals are ideal to help children and adults:

  • enhance self-awareness
  • explore contradictory feelings
  • gain insights into relationship dynamics
  • recognise strengths and weaknesses within their networks
  • experiment with new behaviours
  • develop problem-solving skills.

The booklet provides many examples and scenarios to show the range of applications and gives ideas for its day-to-day use. The cotton sack containing the animals is lightweight and fits into every handbag.

Have a look inside the book and download your free taster here.


  • Benefits of using the miniature animals
  • How the miniature animals work
  • Ideas to help develop a dialogue
  • Creative activities
  • Example scenarios in practice



'Nadine Seiler has provided a powerful resource to enable the telling of clients' inside stories through the distance of working through projected play (...) Seiler's method is playful and fun for the child involved while providing both an assessment tool and a means of making a healthy, psyche-sensitive therapeutic intervention. The accompanying book offers clear and simple instructions (...) This is a very useful resource for therapists, social workers and health care professionals.'
- Mary Smail, Psychotherapist and Director of the Sesame Institute for Drama and Movement Therapy

'I am impressed with the tool [...]. The tool will be very beneficial to the social care field and will provide professionals with other dimensions of working, apart from just the use of policy and text book styles. The detail in the booklet is precise, descriptive and easy to follow. The use of photography is impressive.'
- Samantha Babb, Qualified Independent Social Worker and Drama and Film Writer

'This is an extremely creative and useful tool to use when working with children and exploring their emotions. As a social work practitioner within the Children and Families field I found the concept very innovative but equally simple and easy to follow. The accompanying booklet is extremely helpful, well structured and straightforward to use. (...) I particularly liked the 'Creative Activities' section which offers examples of using the animals in order to explore various circumstances within a child's life. (...) This really is an exciting, innovative and versatile toolkit which has a rightful place within the social sector.'
- Catherine Jackson, Senior Social Worker at a Local Authority in Wales

I used the toolkit with a child who usually gives one-worded answers and nods. Today he was enthusiastic and had lots to say about his family thanks to these minature animals and the guidance in the handbook! As a social worker I would most certainly recommend this for those doing direct work with children, who need to obtain a wealth of qualitative information in a short space of time; and who wish to remain child-focused.
- Nicole Louis, Independent Social Worker, London

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