Social-Worker-Independent-Social-Work-Assessment-EnglishHelfende Gespräche auf Englisch

Der kompakte Sprachführer für psychosoziale und pädagogische Arbeitsfelder

Nadine Seiler & Denis Judge
1st edition 2012
208 pages, paperback
13.5 x 20.0cm
ISBN: 978-0-9571582-2-1







This language guide provides guidance on effective communication in English whilst drawing on a range of tools and methods used in psychotherapy, mediation, social work and social pedagogy. The guide is aimed at German-speaking professionals including psychologists, psychotherapists, medical professionals, social workers, pedagogues, international aid and development workers and students in these and related areas.

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  • English communication in psychosocial contexts
  • Stages in the intervention process
  • Professional interviewing and counselling skills
  • Managing the professional-client relationship



Praise for the comprehensive version of the language guide:

'For all those who wish to use the English language with virtuosity and precision whilst working in a social care or counselling setting. This language guide will be of great interest to academics and practitioners alike.'
- Jan G. Thivissen, Master of Science in Social Work, Lecturer at the University of Niederrhein

'What a wonderful resource for our social work students! I am truly impressed!'
- Dagmar Preiss-Allesch, Head of the International Office, EHB University Berlin

'People often ask "Why do we still need reference works, if everything can be looked up on the internet?"
This book is a good example that shows that not everything can be found on the internet.'
- Wolfgang Dohrmann,

'With this publication the helping professions have finally found a reliable source to support them in learning the English language and applying it in their professional practice.'
- Prof. Fritz Gründger, in: Soziale Arbeit, Deutsches Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen (DZI) und Senatsverwaltung für Gesundheit und Soziales des Landes Berlin

'I would recommend this guide to any professional preparing to work in a health or social care setting in an English-speaking country.'
- Conny Fricke, Social Worker and Social Pedagogue, Transform Housing and Support, London

'This language guide has become part of my day-to-day practice.'
- Johannes Holz, Systemic Counsellor and Supervisor, Berlin

'Attempting to make accessible to the German reader the nuances and style of a language as delicate as English within care and therapeutic settings could be an almost impossible feat. I am truly amazed at the detail the authors have gone to in categorizing a range of settings, contexts and possible conversations...The presentation is very clear and easy to follow. A beautifully executed piece of work!'
- Susie Hayward, Psychotherapist und Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London

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